Cloud Mobile Pricing

Per Day/User
Android, iOS & Windows
Top Features
Enter quality plans results for work orders
Complete work order and work order operations
View asset work order and work request history
View/add asset operational logs
Add operations to a work order
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vWork Scheduler
Per Day/Resource
Any Web Browser
Top Features
Top maintenance asset cost report
Work orders or operations check out feature
Actual vs estimated cost variance report
Create and complete work orders
Grid screen for reassigning work order departments
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Per Day/User
Android, iOS & Windows
Top Features
Receiving standard/direct Item against PO
One step issues against work orders
Inter org and intra org transfers
Scheduled/unscheduled cycle counts
Item search & returns to inventory
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Per Day/User
Android, iOS & Windows
Top Features
Record and update asset locations
Record and update condition of assets
Receive counts of assets remaining to be audited
Update asset descriptions and specifications
Supports barcode scanning and RFID
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Per Day/User
Android, iOS & Windows
Top Features
Create, edit, review and submit timesheets
Historical overview of time management
Copy previous time cards for recurring tasks
Simultaneously capture time cards
Both crew members and supervisors can enter time
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*Requires a minimum commitment of 5 resources or users, 3 months, total $450.

No upfront cost. Only pay for what you use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the price increase?
What is the license term?
A month may have a different number of days, what do I pay?
Do you offer any end-user training?
Is there an additional cost for software maintenance and support?
What is a resource instance?
What happens when I add a resource instance?
What happens when I remove a resource instance?
Can I add a non-Oracle user and do they incur the same fee as a resource instance?
Do I have to pay anything for hosting, CPU or database space?
Can I have a non-production instance for a sandbox, is there a surcharge for that?
I have multiple ORG’s, is there a surcharge for that?
What payment methods do you accept?
When and how often will the subscription rate be altered and on what basis?
What is your SLA for this service?
What is the guaranteed uptime for the cloud service?
What happens if my payment method fails am I cut off immediately?