Asset Tracking

Do you need to track your assets? Update their location and condition? Is Wi-Fi not available in all areas? Meet vAudit, a cloud mobile solution built to simplify your physical inventory process and asset tracking. Synchronize asset inventories from Oracle or PeopleSoft to your mobile device and simply scan barcodes or RFID tags for the most efficient way of tracking your assets, all from a mobile device with or without network connectivity. vAudit supports Android, iOS and Windows devices.

%Ventureforth %Mobile Solutions for Oracle

Built on Xamarin, vAudit is a cross-platform solution that allows multiple inventories to be processed on any iOS, Android or Windows mobile device and permits users to add assets that were not in the original inventory file. If any asset information has changed, the data is shown in Oracle’s reconciliation report.

%Ventureforth %Mobile Solutions for Oracle

Out of the Box Functionality

• Record and update asset locations
• Record and update condition of assets
• Receive counts of assets remaining to be audited
• Update asset descriptions and specifications
• Supports barcode scanning and RFID
• Deploy on premise or in the cloud