Energy & Utilities

Reliability is the heartbeat of the energy and utilities industry. Before the flip of a light switch or the turn of the thermostat, your business is hard at work ensuring that the millions of people that rely on water, gas, and power have the ability to access it. With such an immense responsibility, your business’ asset maintenance and work management solutions drive reliability. At Ventureforth we’ve created a complete suite of Oracle-based cloud mobile apps to maximize productivity for field service technicians, improve asset performance and longevity, and streamline your business processes to quickly and efficiently handle any disruptions.

A Better Workforce

When an outage or leak occurs, you deploy the right technician, with the right equipment, to the right location to get the job done. From wind farms in Iowa to power transformers in Kansas our clients deploy technicians to a wide range of sites. Using our cloud-based mobile apps allow your technicians to continuously work in even the most remote locations regardless of network capability. Minimize your asset downtime with technicians diligently performing work on wind turbines or transformers and capturing mission-critical data from their mobile device.

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Technicians can easily scale wind turbines or utility poles without the need for bulky laptops or extensive paperwork to complete their assigned work orders. Your technicians can also quickly request materials, update statuses, capture meter readings, operate and close work orders, and more all from a mobile device. Capture accurate project hours and work at the point of execution to ensure on time wage payment for your technicians and crews and accurate invoicing to your clients.

Single Source of Truth

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Prevent. React. Predict.

Understanding the condition of your assets is crucial to asset longevity, incurring less downtime and lowering operational cost. Ventureforth’s complete suite of cloud mobile apps will give your business full visibility into asset performance, material availability, and technician wrench time, allowing you to make informed data driven decisions about assets. Prevent potential power outages or water main leaks by analyzing similar trends in recorded condition-based data and scheduling routine service requests, conduct failure analysis, and capture meter readings using our cloud mobile apps. Utilize geo stamping technology, react quickly and precisely during asset downtime by to make sure your technicians and requested parts arrive to the correct location. Report accurate estimated downtime to vendors and customers when you’re able to see the availability and location of the labor, parts, and hours needs to get your assets back up and running. Fully functioning and well-maintained assets drive productivity.

Elite Performance

At Ventureforth we’ve developed a comprehensive suite of cloud mobile apps for Oracle to help your business outperform the competition. With complete out-of-the-box functionality that can also be configured to your specific business needs, enable your workforce to seamlessly schedule resources, automate processes, track asset performance, work management, asset maintenance, and much more.

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