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Frequently Asked Questions

Your pricing is guaranteed for the term of your subscription. Your original pricing will not expire and any users you add during your subscription period will be priced at the original pricing structure. If you drop service and then resume service you will be charged the pricing structure at time of the new subscription.
You must subscribe for a period of 1 year (minimum), after that you are free to cancel without penalty.
We round down to 30 days and charge $30/month per resource or user. A resource instance is defined in Oracle. Ventureforth can supply you a script that will count the number of resource instances you have.
Yes, there are a series of videos on our YouTube channel to help you train all users. We also include Oracle UPKs and training guides.
It could be a planner, scheduler, technician or piece of equipment.
You are allowed 1 sandbox. No fee. You can have additional sand-boxes for a flat fee of $300/month.
Purchase Orders are currently supported.
Pricing is reviewed annually, but your pricing is fixed for the entire period of your subscription period from the date of your first subscription.
No. We will contact your system administrator to correct on file payment information.

*$1/day pricing available on pre-paid terms, minimum commitment of 5 resources or users.