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As the cost of maintaining campuses increases, the need to know where you are allocating your funds is a priority. Utilize barcode scans and RFID tags to efficiently account for assets, record and update asset locations, and obtain accurate asset reporting that results in increased efficiency and overall cost savings for your university.

vAudit is a cloud mobile app that is equipped to provide your institution with multiple inventories processed on any Android, iOS, or Windows mobile device. Streamlining your universities asset tracking process with vAudit is a breeze due to the complete out-of-the box functionality that are also able to be configured to your specific business processes.

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Ready to modernize your asset tracking?

Fast and Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions

No longer will your institution have to keep track of a paper trail for assets. The need for filling out paper forms with asset description and location will no longer consume copious hours of your staff’s time.

Now, all your assets can be easily tracked and logged into your inventory system from a mobile device. Simply walk into a room and start scanning the barcodes you desire; the information will auto populate into vAudit and allow you to keep track of all your assets.

Utilize accurate and efficient processing of capital assets in order to properly recognize assets on your balance sheet and to determine the most favorable depreciation schedule for both corporate and statutory reporting. Capture data via our mobile app running on your mobile device and have all your information accurately report back to your Oracle, PeopleSoft, or Workday back-end system.

Not Just a Barcode Scanner App

Simplify your Asset Audit Process

Does your campus have dead Wi-Fi spots, coverage interference or no access to cellular coverage? No problem. vAudit allows your institution to properly track fixed and non-fixed assets while enabling your staff to easily access and record asset information without the need for Wi-Fi or cellular coverage. Keep track of valuable assets while also experiencing costs saving as a result of having quality data. Your institution will now be able to ensure that all your assets locations are up-to-date, properly documented, and in compliance with the specific government regulations for your campus.

%Ventureforth %Mobile Solutions for Oracle

Help your institution ensure both loss prevention and theft prevention through the use of our mobile app vAudit. Receive up-to-date counts of assets remaining to be audited to ensure that your university is in compliance with the ever evolving state and federal regulations.

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Ventureforth’s cloud mobile apps put the full power of Oracle, PeopleSoft, or Workday at your company’s fingertips. Reduce and/or eliminate paperwork, allow securely perform transactions on their own mobile devices, record transactions regardless of network connectivity, and have a virtual receipt of all transactions reported back to your Oracle, PeopleSoft, or Workday back-end system.

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