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The Cloud Continues to Improve Government

State and local governments are responsible for providing for the needs of citizens, maintaining critical assets, preserving infrastructure, and for providing constituents a plethora of services. At Ventureforth we understand the immense responsibilities that your workforce is tasked with, that is why our secure mobile solutions allow users to be responsive, efficient, and proactive.

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Asset Maintenance

Our proven mobile apps help state and local governments perform well in their dynamic environments with flexible, scalable, industry-focused solutions. Easily create, update, and synchronize asset maintenance work orders, perform asset inspections, capture meter readings and more all from a mobile device. No longer will time be wasted on manually writing down or inputting data in spreadsheets, with Ventureforth’s cloud mobile apps users are able to use mobile devices to accurately record work at the point of execution that reports back to your Oracle back-end system.

View asset attributes, operational logs, list planned materials, and enter asset failure analysis all while on-site via easy-to-use cloud mobile apps that run on Android, IOS, or Windows devices. As the industry continues to change to fit the needs of your local economy, ensuring your organization has fewer patches and is structured to increase productivity is a priority.

Single Source of Truth

%Ventureforth %Mobile Solutions for Oracle

With an extensive BYOD strategy contactors, vendors, suppliers and employees are all able to communicate to a single source of truth. Recording data running our secure mobile app on their personal device allows for a full scope of understanding with asset operations, agency operations and business processes. This continuous loop of accurate data capture allows for decision makers to get a view of the bigger picture for budgets and long term local and state plans.

It is no longer sufficient to respond when assets need critical repairs or when a complaint is reported— your organization needs to be able to proactively manage the immense infrastructure under your control. Whether you’re onsite, in a warehouse, or in the middle of nowhere, our apps work regardless of cellular connectivity or Wi-Fi capability. Working disconnected provides your workforce with the flexibility to continuously capture critical data that gives your agency a clear roadmap.

Inventory Operations

Lower the cost of managing your supply chain by utilizing barcode scanners and RFID tags to efficiently and accurately capture inventory information. Complete requisitions, cycle counts, sub inventory transfers, deliveries, returns, and item searchers all via a mobile device. Provide your agency with comprehensive capabilities and streamline operations by utilizing our cloud mobile apps for Oracle that allow you to effectively serve a 21st century populace.

%Ventureforth %Mobile Solutions for Oracle
%Ventureforth %Mobile Solutions for Oracle

Field Service

Paper trails of old work order, time sheets, and material requests will no longer consume your field technicians time. Through utilizing our cross-platform solution your technicians will be able to accomplish and record all work on a mobile device and efficiently sync back to Oracle. Debrief parts, view and edit notes against tasks, view planned parts, capture photos, close service requests and more all with our easy-to-use, secure mobile app stored on your device.

Mobile Apps Built with Your Workforce in Mind

Ventureforth’s cloud mobile apps put the full power of Oracle at your company’s fingertips. Reduce and/or eliminate paperwork, allow users to run our secure apps on their own mobile devices, record work regardless of network connectivity, and have a virtual receipt of all transactions reported back to your Oracle back-end system. Always be aware of what is happening locally so that your organization can intelligently manage services to citizens at the regional and city level.

%Ventureforth %Mobile Solutions for Oracle

GSA Contract #: GS-35F-0422Y
Federal Work Authorization #: 647507
DUNS Number: 010224587
NAICS Codes: 541519, 511210

%Ventureforth %Mobile Solutions for Oracle

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