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%Ventureforth %Mobile Solutions for Oracle
Improve Customer Satisfaction
Improve your operational efficiency to finish and send orders faster, error-free.
Reduce Costs
Fewer errors on your shop floor translates into immediate overall costs savings for your organization.
Increase Efficiency
Ensure consistency in any inventory transaction with the help of drop-down menus and auto-populated fields and prompts.

You've Got Inventory.
We Help You manage it.

The Ultimate Inventory & Supply Chain Tool

Our inventory & supply chain has extensive out-the-box functionality. vStores can be easily configured to match any of your specific business needs and processes.
%Ventureforth %Mobile Solutions for Oracle

Mobility Solution Highlights

Increase Inventory Accuracy

With full support for lot & serial control, users can keep track of all items at all times.

Real-time Validation

Easily look up inventory items, materials, and parts. As well as, transact against purchase orders and sales orders with real-time validation.

Role-based Work Distribution

Securely distribute inventory work directly into the technician’s mobile device based on roles and responsibilities.

End-to-End Visibility

Utilizing barcodes and RFID technology to effectively communicate and track all inventory data to its final destination.

Locate Inventory Faster

Utilize barcodes or RFID tags to instantly locate any inventory item and its availability.

Improve Overall Communication

Ensure all your technicians have access to what they need to safely perform all required tasks at all times.

Increase Regulatory Compliance

Streamline business processes to strictly follow safety guidelines to easily achieve regulatory compliance.

Work Without WiFi or 4G LTE

Increase data accuracy and work virtually from anywhere, even without Wi-Fi connectivity or cellular service.

Inventory & Supply Chain with Seamless Integration.

Our mobility solution is designed to increase employee productivity. With an easy to use mobile interface and robust integration, it allows employees to automate the inventory & supply chain operations in these simple steps.


Manage Inventory

vStores is an Oracle-certified cloud mobile application that helps technicians transition from paper forms and manual data entry, to real-time productivity.

Improve Data Accuracy

With a cloud-based, inventory, and supply chain application for Oracle, technicians increase the accuracy of the inventory data they capture by 25%.

Lower Amount of Errors

Whether it’s a misplaced form, poor handwriting, or merely writing the wrong information, a mobile app reduces errors by 67%.

%Ventureforth %Mobile Solutions for Oracle
%Ventureforth %Mobile Solutions for Oracle


Track Stockpile

Quickly search for any part, material, or stock item to find its location and availability with more efficiency.

Complete Tasks Faster

With a user-friendly interface, easily streamline data capture for any supply chain transaction.

Work From Virtually Anywhere

Employees can complete inventory and supply chain tasks regardless of Wi-Fi access, cutting out costly network infrastructure.

What is Disconnected?
And Why You Need It.


Supply Distribution

vStores is a one-stop shop for receiving against a purchase order, inventory transfers, or issuing parts for maintenance and more.

Increase Traceability

Increase supply chain visibility with the lot and serial controls to provide better service management or product recalls.

Cut Costly Paperwork

According to the NCBI or National Center for Biotechnology Information, 48% of provost offices still report a predominantly paper-driven process.

%Ventureforth %Mobile Solutions for Oracle
%Ventureforth %Mobile Solutions for Oracle


Issue Parts & Materials

Effortlessly add new or confirm allocated inventory quantities of parts or materials to any work order in order to reduce service times.

Single Source of Truth

With support for Oracle and non-Oracle users, vStores can be utilized by your employees, contractors, temporary & contingency workers to streamline your supply chain process and inventory data accuracy.

Increase Reliability

With vStores, all work is captured at the point of execution, improving your overall historical inventory data.

Upgrade Your Workforce.
Time to Go Mobile.


Order Fulfillment

Utilizing a mobility solution users can fulfill orders, maintain compliance, and reduce costs by completing and sending transactions faster—error-free.

Improve Precision

Configured the mobile app to match your custom business processes and enhance your operations.

Enhanced Accessibility

Boost a technician’s ability to perform tasks by improving accessibility to critical data by 38%

%Ventureforth %Mobile Solutions for Oracle
%Ventureforth %Mobile Solutions for Oracle


So Much More

Configured to match your custom business processes and with support for Oracle EBS, SCM Cloud, and WMS, vStores will help you reduce the cost of managing the supply chain.

Benefits of the Cloud

Cloud mobile apps for your workforce can streamline and automate your daily operations, productivity, and overall efficiency.

Cross-platform Ability

Cross-platform mobile apps are intuitive and are easily integrated into your organization’s mobile strategy.

You've Got Supply Chain.
We'll Help You Automate It.

Your Device. Your Choice.

Our inventory & supply chain mobility solution is compatible with most modern devices. We’re partnered with industry-leading mobile hardware vendors.
%Ventureforth %Mobile Solutions for Oracle
%Ventureforth %Mobile Solutions for Oracle
%Ventureforth %Mobile Solutions for Oracle
%Ventureforth %Mobile Solutions for Oracle
%Ventureforth %Mobile Solutions for Oracle
%Ventureforth %Mobile Solutions for Oracle
%Ventureforth %Mobile Solutions for Oracle
%Ventureforth %Mobile Solutions for Oracle
%Ventureforth %Mobile Solutions for Oracle
%Ventureforth %Mobile Solutions for Oracle



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All of our cloud mobile apps are Oracle validated & with our advanced sync engine sending and receiving data from Oracle is a breeze.
Work Remotely
Increase data accuracy and work virtually from anywhere, even without Wi-Fi connectivity or cellular service.
Best In Class App Security
All Ventureforth cloud mobile apps are developed in compliance with the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Publication 140-2.

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We build custom, cloud mobile applications, to fit every business need.

Other Top Certified Mobility Solutions

Our suite of cloud mobile apps for Oracle has extensive out-the-box functionality, and are designed to increase employee productivity. Our apps can be easily configured to match any of your specific business needs.

%Ventureforth %Mobile Solutions for Oracle

Work Scheduling

vWork Scheduler is a cloud application designed to schedule, maintain, and review work orders in real-time. Interact with Oracle from any web browser to schedule all maintenance work and view detailed asset information.

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%Ventureforth %Mobile Solutions for Oracle

Operator Rounds

vField allows your technicians to efficiently manage and record their work at the point of execution. Update service request statuses, view and create tasks, add materials, attachments, notes, close service requests and much more.

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%Ventureforth %Mobile Solutions for Oracle


vStores WMS is a cloud mobile app developed to automate warehousing functions. With full support for LPN’s, vStores WMS extends the power of Oracle WMS to your warehouses and satellite locations that have little to no coverage.

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