Work Scheduling

We all know the importance and benefits of scheduling your workforce, but maintaining and improving productivity in order to reduce the costs of operations can be challenging, even to the most skilled staff. To help you achieve this critical task we've developed vWork Scheduler, an intuitive and easy to use solution that runs in the cloud. vWork Scheduler is a one-stop shop for maintenance technicians and supervisors to interact with Oracle eAM from any web browser. It schedules work for maintenance technicians, and also allows them to create, print, notate and complete work orders, create associated work requests, print work orders and attachments, view and add materials, and enter meter readings.

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Additionally, technicians can view information related to the assets they are working on, including maintenance history of assets, asset bills of material, and all direct purchases made to assets. If desired, they can also issue and return parts against work orders. All this and much more in a simple-to-use interface from a web browser.

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Out of the Box Functionality

• Actual cost report
• Estimated cost report
• Actual vs estimated cost variance report
• Top maintenance asset cost report
• Estimated hours by department report
• Assigned work orders report
• Estimated hours assigned to technicians report
• Overdue work orders report
• Open work orders, scheduled and overdue
• Intuitively drag and drop work orders to modify scheduled start dates/times
• Grid screen for reassigning work order departments
• Work orders or operations check out feature
• Assign work to defined resource instances, defined technicians or outside resources
• Create and complete work orders
• Create work requests

%Ventureforth %Mobile Solutions for Oracle

Why vWork Scheduler?

  •   Available in Oracle Cloud Marketplace
  •   Works with Oracle
  •   Oracle Platinum Partner
  •   100% Oracle Tech Stack
  •   100% Oracle Cloud
  •   Oracle SLA/Uptime guarantees
  •   Adaptive screens for laptops, phones  etc.
  •   Monthly Billing - No long term contract
  •   $0 Consulting Dollars
  •   Minimum purchase cost
  •   Integrates with mobile workforce
  •   Bucket Scheduling
  •   Drag n Drop
  •   Crew Builder
  •   Quarterly Billing
  • %Ventureforth %Mobile Solutions for Oracle
  • $675 USD
  • Other Solutions
  • $100,000+ USD

Get advanced vWork Scheduler Training

EAM Masters offers virtual training courses for vWork Scheduler that incorporate a variety of learning methods including: video captured seminars, live and recorded web-leaning sessions, interactive web discussions, practical and hands-on assignments, study guides and practice quizzes.